20160715 SquamishSharkAttack 300px x 200px

Squamish Shark Attack

Sid Slotegraaf shows Ricky Federau, Canadian XC world cup veteran around some of Squamish's finest trails. "Go fast and pull up!"

20160629 MuscleandDreamsVideoCover 300px x 200px

Muscle & Dreams Trailer

Creating the Old Ghost Road.

20160611 EuropesFinestSingleTrack 300px x 200px

Europe's finest Singletrack

A stunning video from the mountainous Aosta Valley Region in Northern Italy.

20160519 YetiProvenHere 300px x 200px

New Zealand. Proven Here.

From Yeti Cycles, from the tangled sheep paths of the tussock grasslands to purpose-built trails snaking through the sharp mountain peaks, New Zealand ’s varied topography makes for an awe-inspiring mountain bike playground.

Bike Methven 300px x 200px

Bike Methven

Gareth Burgess, Cam Bisset and Kyle Thomas check out the Scotts Saddle Track at the Mt Hutt Bike Park.

20160421 Switzerland 300px x 200px

Singletrack Switzerland

Pro rider Brice Shirbach, and pro skier Carston Oliver – join up with Enduro World Series destroyer Francois Baily-Maître to venture to the Jungfrau Region Switzerland.

20160322 Hokitika 300px x 200px

Blue Spur Tracks Hokitika

Mountain Biking in Hokitika, West Coast New Zealand on the Blue Spur mountain bike tracks.

20160307 MakaraPeakBikePark 300px x 200px

Makara Peak in Wellington

Wellington City Council have released this video of Rosara Joseph, Kieran Bennett and Craig Pattle getting a taste of Makara Peak’s bounty. 

20160225 Whistler Dirt Merchant 300px x 200px

Go Pro:Whistler's Dirt Merchant With Yoann Barelli

Pro mountain biker Yoann Barelli pushes his limits by shredding Whistler Bike Park's A-Line and Dirt Merchant on his cross bike.

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