Wharfedale Pack

MacPac Wharfedale

I arrived to work the other day and saw a new backpack sitting on my desk, ‘looks like I have a review to write’. I had a quick squiz at the bright orange bag and thought about what trips I could take it on. I’m a fan of packing light so I thought I’d try an overnight mission with the 13 litre pack. I stuffed my sleeping back into the external and expandable helmet pocket, there was about enough room left to fit a Snickers bar, better scratch that overnight idea. My first conclusion is that this is a day pack.

I later discovered the name of the pack (Wharfedale) and I thought it would be rude to try it on its name sake. My riding crew and I rode to the hut and back and it ticked all the boxes. It carried my spares and tools, an extra layer, food, water and some first aid supplies. We also rode the St James and the pack passed with flying colours. This is a long day in the saddle so carrying a little extra of everything is required, not to mention a light towel and set of board shorts. I can’t say I’m a fan of a wet pair of cycle shorts after a mandatory swim.


Having a quick look at the features of the pack, there’s a specific tool pocket which I am a fan of. The tool pocket has a few handy dividers to keep larger tools in place and the smaller ones together. The pack doesn’t come with a bladder but it’s equipped to hold one. There’s also a soft lined sunglasses pocket which I missed at first. I was glad I found this pocket as it’s one of my favourite features. If you’re a fan of music when you’re riding there’s an escape hatch for your headphones. Some reflective stripes and a light clip on the back tick the safety box when cycling around town, and there’s also a few stash pockets scattered around the straps.

The Wharfedale Pack seems to cover the basis for everyday cycling and if you’re looking for a pack to take on those one day weekend rides it’s worth checking out. It’s comfortable, easy on the eye and feels good. The stiff back was a highlight and even when the zips were bulging it sat well on your back. The twin chest straps were also appreciated and stops the bag jumping around when you start fanging down the rougher stuff.  

Cheers MacPac, all in all I thought it was a solid pack.