12378 Black shorts

Macpac MTB Shorts

Wearing a new pair of cycle shorts for the first time presents an anticipation which is oddly comforting. Cycle shorts are good for one thing and best worn directly on skin!  They are a necessary coat of armour for any saddle size or squishiness.  

I’m used to a large padded chamois lycra short with a second pair of larger hard wearing outer shorts. This is a contrast to the Macpac Endurance Series mountain bike shorts and puts me in good stead to comment further.

My instant impression of the shorts starts well. I’m wearing them now and not waiting until I get to the trail, they are on the skin, there is no need for another pair of shorts to change into after riding, and I’m liking them, liking them a lot! So is my mate …. ‘they’re sexy’ which sings with envy.

The shorts ring with plenty of feel good elements, they are black, sturdy and slick.  Not lycra slick, rather a comfortable looking short with hidden bells and whistles.  The outer material is durable and combines with the necessary stretch of an inner mesh that breathes and moves with a pedal movement.  There are no clips to get caught up with. They are light to wear, breathe in the right places and the padded chamois does not feel like you have just stood up from the couch and the pillow is still attached.

The inner stretch material is firm fitting and there is an elastic strap on each leg that holds the shorts length when pedalling.  Riding it with a constant pedal, off the seat, on it, fast, and easy...the main theme, ‘I didn’t notice a thing’. The comfort levels are right up there. I had no urge to change my seat or short positioning.  No rubbing, not twists, and what I did find was that the more my legs were asked to perform, the more comfortable the shorts felt.  Technically, they felt like they were doing everything I asked of them.  The first time I felt like something was wrong was when I hopped on a bike the next day en route to work and I was without my new coat of armour!

These shorts will appeal to non-lycra lovers with a taste for the mountains and a deserving cold ale to wash away the dirt.


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