5 ways to ride faster on your hardtail 300 x 200px

5 Ways to Ride Faster on Your Hardtail

Not all of us have fancy full suspension bikes, and have to look at riding trails in a slightly different way.

In Wheel Suspension 300 x 200px

Bike Tyres With Built in Suspension

This is an interesting demonstration video on the new ERW "Airless" In Wheel Suspension.

Pumping the Trail 300 x 200px

Pumping the Trail

Darren Butler and Ruben Salzgaber from Endless Biking take you down Fromme's Bobsled while giving you tips to pump the trail.

Top 10 MTB Mistakes 300 x 200px

Top 10 Common Mountain Biking Mistakes

The Global Mountain Bike Network (GMBN) team have offered up this neat wee video of ten of the most common mountain biking mistakes and how to solve them.

Buying your first XC Mountain Bike Size and Geometry 300 x 200px

Buying your first XC Mountain Bike - Size and Geometry

Here's an entertaining and informative clip on what the best size and geometry of your first cross country bike should be.

Line Selection 300 x 200px

MBR: Secrets of Better Riding with Brendan Fairclough: Line Choice

Check out this video on better line selection from Brendan Fairclough and the Mountain Bike Rider team.

Is Your Front Light Too Bright 300 x 200px

Are Bike Lights Becoming Too Bright?

Cycling Christchurch recently posted an interesting (and timely) article on whether bike lights are becoming too bright for commuting at night and ways to reduce their impact.

Top 5 MTB Upgrades 300 x 200px

Top 5 Best Mountain Bike Upgrades

If you're looking for an upgrade to your mountain bike then this video from the Bike Radar team has five suggestions for the best places to splash your cash.

Clean Your Bike 300 x 200px

How to Clean Your Bike

Lengthen your bike's lifespan and keep it looking in tip top shape with this video guide from the Mountain Bike Rider (MBR) team on keeping your bike clean.

Setup Adjust Derailleur 300 x 200px

MBR: How to Set up and adjust your rear derailleur

It’s easy to get into a muddle when trying to sort your gears.

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