Heli Biking Down Under

Heli biking combines a helicopter flight and a bike ride! In New Zealand, it’s usually a combination of a scenic flight that drops you and your bike on top of a mountain where you ride back.

Repair Broken Chain Part 1 resize2

When things go pear-shaped

Backcountry mechanical repairs

Layers of COmfort2

Layers of Comfort


tioga mx pro vs crank brothers candy 2

Flats vs Clipless

"Amongst my workmates I’m odd one out when it comes to pedals, I’ve always been a fan of flat pedals but as I tick off more and more back country rides it seems like those clipless torments may be justified."

fox shocks rp23 dhx rc2 200px

Air vs Coil Shocks

"Self-preservation, and a desire to pedal out yonder, restricts my bike choice to less than 6 inches of travel; enough to have fun downhill but not enough to encourage a huck fest."

12378 Black shorts

Macpac MTB Shorts

Wearing a new pair of cycle shorts for the first time presents an anticipation which is oddly comforting.

Wharfedale Pack

MacPac Wharfedale

I arrived to work the other day and saw a new backpack sitting on my desk, ‘looks like I have a review to write’.

backpacks cactus zero osprey zealot 16

Cycling Backpacks

"There’s no arguing that you’re more likely to end up with a sweat stripe for doing so ,but I’m personally a fan of the convenience and faux protective feeling that comes with wearing one."

yeti sb66

Yeti 575 vs SB66

"Save or splurge, it's the Yeti conundrum; I took out two classic quiver killers to compare what differences a few years and a few more dollars make."