Worthy Words from Rotorua

Over winter, even the hardiest and most stubborn of mountain bikers, yearns for the sunshine.

cocaine alley 2013 feb 041

Stephen Marshall's Ride Down Cociane Alley

Licence to Ride competition winner Stephen Marshall sent in these pics on what he calls the 'last drop on cocaine alley' otherwise known as the Cheeseman Downhill in the Craigieburn Range.

Repair Broken Chain Part 1 resize2

When things go pear-shaped

Backcountry mechanical repairs

Shuttles night2

Delicious fun at ladies mountain bike night

A buzz of excitement resonated in the Southstar Shuttle bus on Wednesday 13th February as 65 ladies made their way into the forest, arriving to surprise Pizza Library and a bike themed baking competition.

Geraldine Classic

Geraldine Bike Challenge

Mike Kelly is hooked! A newby to Geraldine and Mountain Biking, he's loving it all.

ryan heaphy

Heaps O' Heaphy

If you’re not familiar with the Heaphy, it’s one of the New Zealand’s ‘Great Walks’, and until 2013 it’s a great ride thanks to DOC opening it to mountain bikers May to September.


A Classic Yarn

We caught up with the Michael Jacques, organiser of the Karapoti Classic - "Not everyone can take on a life changing challenge like Everest, but with a bit of determination and passion they can conquer something like Karapoti"


Single-Speeding In Taupo

This is one of our favourite interviews, we talked to Cath Oldfield from the Taupo MTB Club and found our she's a keen single speeder with quite the wit.


They Call Me Ra

Stu interviews Rawiri Bhana, the man behind N-Duro events and gets the low down on riding in Rotoua.