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The benefits of a good bicycle bell

Arriving in Porto in northern Portugal, Kiwi riders Jamie McAulay and Nicholas Ryan haggled a deal for two old bikes at the Saturday flea market.

Evolution ride 2

The Evolution of Mountain Biking in New Zealand

If you belong to the now middle-aging Generation X, mountain biking didn’t exist when you were a kid.  Those born in the 1970s have been lucky to witness and help forge the evolution of the mountain bike to what it is today.

Hydration resized

Hydration on the bike

Summer is here, encouraging riders to hit the trails.

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Bicycle astride turquoise waterways

Commencing a cycling adventure, sitting in a comfortable train carriage, I have a commendable role model.

Karapoti Classic2

Pushing the Boundaries

When Mountain Biking hit New Zealand it was mostly recreational riders and cycle tourists keen to venture further into the wilderness by bike.


Norfolk Island NZ Classic Trail Rides April 2014

A great blog from a Norfolk Island couple who made the most of their biking visit To NZ....

Whananaki Footbridge

Twin Coast Cycle Trail

Pou Herenga Tai – the joining of two coasts east to west and the linking of people


Worthy Words from Rotorua

Over winter, even the hardiest and most stubborn of mountain bikers, yearns for the sunshine.

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Stephen Marshall's Ride Down Cocaine Alley

Licence to Ride competition winner Stephen Marshall sent in these pics on what he calls the 'last drop on cocaine alley' otherwise known as the Cheeseman Downhill in the Craigieburn Range.

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When things go pear-shaped

Backcountry mechanical repairs

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