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The latest Ride Newsletter

News for Christchurch Adventure Park, a Taste of riding the Twin Coast Cycle Trail in the...

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Christchurch Adventure Park seeks Budding Young Bike Enthusiasts

Christchurch Adventure Park is on the hunt for budding young track designers to assist them in...

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RV Raks Four Bike 4WD Wheel Mounted Rack

The wheel mounted rack from RV Raks is a great bike rack option for 4WDs. There...

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Torpedo7 Peak to Peak

The South Island’s biggest winter multisport event in its 23rd year attracts a strong field of...

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Taste of: Prospecting in Naseby

Maniototo has been described as the timeless land, the real Central Otago, the last, loneliest and...

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Trail Fund NZ: More Community Fund dollars to be distributed

Meagan Robertson of Trail Fund NZ writes: With some of the $1.2m left in from DOC...


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Licence to Ride Digital
2016 Licence to Ride Manual

We continue the sucess of our funding partnership with TrailFund NZ. Buy your 2016 Licence to Ride Manual for only $7.50. $1 of every magazine sold is going back to the sport through TrailFund NZ. Click the image above and get your copy now.